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Temperance River Rain Garden

I was recently in Temperance River State Park in Minnesota.  As we walked some hiking trails I noticed a sign for a rain garden and wanted to share it.

A rain garden is a simple and fun project you can do at home.  Just build out a shallow basin in an area that collects run off water.  Maybe near a down spout from the roof.  Then, plant it with flood tolerant native plants that have deep roots.  The plants will help filter the water and also prevent erosion.  The best part is that a rain garden allows for around 30% more rainwater to soak into the ground than a regular lawn.  Helping to restore our freshwater aquifers.

It's refreshing to see state parks installing rain gardens and I hope it inspires you to look into them as well!

Golf and Slacklining

My brother treated me to a round at Kettle Moraine golf course in Wisconsin.  Groupon - $40 each for 18 holes, cart, driving range, and $10 for food/drink. Davin Paul Eberhardt Davin Paul Eberhardt Finally setup the slackline.  It's an e-line from Yogaslackers. Directions are a bit confusing and I found the Youtube video much easier to follow along.   Davin Paul Eberhardt Yogaslacker slackline

^ Don't pay attention to the ghetto bubble wrap setup haha.  I didn't have a old yoga mat or anything else to use and didn't want to damage the tree or line. Will have a more pro looking setup in the near future.

Canoeing the Nippersink River

Fun time with my brother and niece/nephew!  Notes:

  • Nippersink river was a little low and dirty.  Quite a bit of trash everywhere
  • Paddling upstream wasn't too bad
  • If going with kids make sure to have things for them to stay active.  Going to a clean river where they could get out and splash around, snack, etc would be a good idea


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Future Events

Future events that catch my eye:

Outlaw Epic and Ultra; 100-mile mountain bike or 50k trail run

BEND Racing

Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 7:00 AM to 11:30 PM (PDT)

Bend, OR

Bend Racing introduces The Outlaw Epic and Ultra, Central Oregon’s newest, toughest trail event, offering a 100-mile mountain bike race or a 50k trail run. All you have to do is pick your poison...and endure. 

With both events starting from the Horse Butte area, mountain bikers can expect epic mountain biking on a HUGE course. Sample some of the best and worst singletrack that Bend has to offer, along with gut wrenching climbs, outlaw obstacles, and soul eating distances. This race is primarily bike-able terrain, but racers should expect to spend at least some time off the bike!

There will be minimal aid available on the course, minimal opportunities to tuck your tail between your legs and quit, and quite probably minimal finishers. Are you a law-abiding citizen mountain biker, content to ride the "9-to-5" grind? Or are you an Outlaw?

Trail runners can expect some of the same as you make your way along our burly singletrack course. We’ll take you across high desert mesas, through sagebrush, juniper, lava rock, and towering pines, with scenic views of Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top, and the Three Sisters along the way. Consider this a bit of a mini adventure and expect to climb a butte, or two, or three, and perhaps even see some caves, at least in passing.

There will be minimal aid available, we’re making our own laws now - no little cups handed out along the way. After all, this is the Outlaw Ultra, not your momma’s 5k.

WORS 2014 Battle of Camrock – Mountain Bike Race

Davin Paul Eberhardt

What better thing to do on your birthday than something you love with family and friends.  Overall it was a great day that reminded me of the old days being at the races (motocross).

I feel like I could have done a little better for the race itself, but I put close to 100% effort into it.  Ended up 4th in my age group and 5th overall in the 10 mile race.

Next time:

  • Try and do a pre-ride
  • Start the series on round 1 so that I can be stages in first row
  • Take seat equipment off
  • Bring pump and check tire pressure
  • Gels taped onto bars?
  • Plenty of water (ran out at this event)
  • Get a better start and start behind the hardback trail to go up the hill instead of the grass

Davin Paul Eberhardt - WORS Race


IMAG0096 IMAG0097 IMAG0099 IMAG0100 IMAG0103_1

Wanderlust – Yoga in the City 2014

Wanderlust Yoga in the City - Chicago 2014

Decided to get out of my comfort zone and do something I have never done before.  Attend a yoga event and do yoga.

I came across Wanderlust via Facebook.  Then went to a Acroyoga class which was cancelled, but the teacher told me to come out to Wanderlust the following day.  So I took it as an omen and had to go.   The event was a lot of fun.  Cool people, place, and gave me a new appreciation for yoga and slack lining.  Didn't actually do yoga but did attempt to slack line.  More practice is needed and I will be buying a rope to practice on.

Here is the one Justin from Chicago Slackliners recommended:

1" Gibbon Slackline


I am now addicted!  Some of the upcoming events to go to:

July 25-27th Stonehouse Farm - Breath slackline and discovery festival

August 29-Sept 1st Sukhava Bodhe - Yoga and Music Festival

Chicago Slackliners Assoc. - Meetups held weekly

Yogaslackers - Costa Rica surf and slacking trip in Dec-Jan 2014-5.  Hope to make that one.

YogaSlackers Midwest - Kendra Charts - Does Acroyoga classes on Wednesdays at Total Body Yoga in Mundelien

More pictures:

ZOE_0041_1 ZOE_0039_1 ZOE_0038_1 ZOE_0037_1 ZOE_0026_1_1 ZOE_0024_1 ZOE_0022_1 ZOE_0022_1_1 Davin Paul Eberhardt

Las Vegas 2014

red-rocks-vegasI won a raffle for a free vacation at a charity event.  Long story short it ended up being Las Vegas.  Wouldn't have been my first pick, but ended up being a great time and an excellent choice. Had some new experiences that I won't forget. And saw Vegas in a different light. A few takeaways from the trip:

  • If in Vegas see the shows.  They can be pricey but worth it.  We saw the Beatles Lo ve show, and one called Rose, Rabbit, Lie at the Cosmopolitan. Of the two I would say the latter was better.  It was a really small venue, fun, and raunchy. Also, some interesting food like $100,000 caviar (caviar was a first for me and it actually didn't taste bad), along with some interesting drinks. Get the food and drinks from the bar area and you will get a bonus show.
  • Of course the pools are great as usual. Rafts are nice to have. Mirage charges $20 a day.
  • Free parking at the Mirage Casio if you rent a car.  Which I was told there is a place at the airport that will rent you one for $12 a day.
  • Get off the strip if you can.  We went to Red Rock and went rock climbing. I will post some more info and pics on this below.  But there was some great scenery, climbs and hikes to be done.  Plus its only 30-40 minutes from the strip.
  • Buy beverages/food from CVS or Walgreens to save money.
  • Ask for a mini fridge to be put in your room if it doesn't have one.  Eugenia had a sneaky trick of saying she needed to refrigerate medication.
  • Outdoorsy people actually really like living in Vegas.  It just gets hot in May, June, July.
  • Cabbies have some hilarious stories.
  • Wicked Spoon brunch at Cosmopolitan was wickedly awesome!
  • Paris has a shop with some tasty pastries.

I have to thank Eugenia and her co-workers for many of the great ideas.  I was mainly just in charge of rock climbing which has helped teach me:

  • You have to face your fears to get over them. 

If you stand there and let the fear stop you from taking that first step up the route you may never start.  And the longer you wait to start the harder it becomes.

I would say this lesson applies to many aspects of life.  The people that face fears quickly (even if it may result in injuries physically or mentally) and are not afraid of the outcome, will get ahead faster than those that don't.  Or, even those that do but take too long to accomplish whatever task they're fearful of.

Success method of facing fear = Fail Quickly, Learn from it, Implement Changes Needed, Repeat

Easier said than done I know. Although slowly facing your fears is better than never.  As I continue to face them I feel it will help speed up the process.  Being open to any outcome, communication, living spontaneously in the present and not letting the mind worry about the past or future should also help.

Going along with fear is growth.

There is a natural ebb and flow of all things in life

Think of a river.  If it moves too slow there will not be enough oxygen to support much life.  If it runs too fast the same is true.  But if it flows properly as it bends around obstacles in its path it supports and nourishes life. I have seen this play out personally in businesses. Including my own business.  The best kind of growth is organic growth that is supported.   If the business doesn't invest in itself it may find it lagging behind and competition passing it up.  Too much investment and too much pressure to move forward will cause it to fail as well. Same can be true in the growth of a relationship.

Strive to stay in the organic growth curve where you're not moving too slowly, or quickly.

This applies to rock climbing as well.  Try and hurry up the wall too fast and you will burn out or fall.  Go too slow and your arms may be too tired to continue.

Things to do next time:

  • Stay at the Cosmopolitan Casino, Wicked Spoon brunch again, and see the shows.
  • If with the right person go on the ferris wheel.
  • There is a cool aquarium somewhere.  Have to look into that.
  • More hiking/climbing.
  • Indoor skydiving?
  • Different shows - Comedy.. Carrot top show is suppose to be really good.
  • Take some better pictures (bring my camera).
  • Club?
  • Don't forget shaving cream dummy.
  • Rent/buy a few movies to watch on the plane. Or podcasts to listen to.

Rock Ice Mountain Guide Service

Dan Young -, 702-401-8263 Certified by American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA).  Doesn’t hold a license himself and is forced to go through climbing gyms who hold one of five licenses.  Been climbing since 1977. Cost was $250 for two people.  Tipping is optional, but a good amount if the trip was excellent is $40-50 a person. They provide all the gear and Dan met us at a climbing gym, then we went to Red Rock in his truck which is better because it gives you time to talk about climbing and ask any questions without wasting time that could be spent climbing.  We rented a car, but I would say this is cab friendly and cheaper if you don't already have a rental car. Bring a backpack to carry gear in along with sunblock, cliff bars, and a good amount of water.

Davin Paul Eberhardt - Rock Climbing eugenia-climbing Eugenia Ostrozhansky me-eugenia Davin Paul Eberhardt

List of Things I Would Like to Do

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”― Helen Keller

I seem to forget activities I would like to try when I have the time.  Hoping starting this list will help and maybe inspire you to try something new as well.

  • Real rock climbing 
  • Compete and finish an Ironman event
  • Acro yoga, and other types of yoga
  • Surfing - Lake Michigan in the late summer? Surf shop in Waukegan for rental/lesson. - Costa Rica YogaSlackers trip?
  • Highline over a waterfall
  • Highline over canyon at Moab Utah, and do the 230' rope swing.  Hire Moab Monkeys for a guide.
  • Hike something taller than a 14er
  • Volunteer to help homeless
  • Race a GNCC event
  • Build a aquaponic's greenhouse
  • Mountain bike in Whistler, Canada
  • Help out at a dog shelter / foster a dog
  • Go to a Perform Better fitness seminar
  • WORS or Illinois (Palos Hills?) July 20th, Copper Harbor, MI mountain bike race
  • Grow bean sprouts
  • Meditation class
  • Yogaslacker's Costa Rica 2014-2015 trip