Love the concept of this website (thanks Claire!).  I think I sometimes learn best from seeing real life examples of principles in action. The lessons just seem to stick more. Rather than reading a book, or a person just lecturing.  Though, you can learn from everything.

I'm going to run through some of what is talked about in the videos. I don't think there is a perfect relationship set of standards and all relationships are unique in their own way.  So I am excited to see this in action in the videos.

  • Electricity between them.  Amazing; and I can say this is awesome after personal experience. 🙂  Which I had begun to doubt actually happened and people were just on drugs or something.
  • They were both in relationships when they met.  After some time and a random event they finally went out on a date.   A great example of the universe bringing the right person into your life at the right time.  And them allowing that to happen.  If they had forced it when they first met.. with significant others they were attached to at the time.. it could have been ugly.  But instead they just allowed the process to unfold.
  • "After all this fighting, she was able to switch it around and say ‘you’re right, I’m sorry". David  Supporting her at being 100% great.. and that she can admit to her shit was another great line. Being willing to say you're wrong and fly in the face of the ego is not easy.  And having a partner that is willing to be brutally honest and say.. "you know what.. I'm calling you out on this..." is great. Because it forces that person to own up to it if they've taken a incorrect action.  If they can do that.. the outcome should be positive and cause some growth.
  • Keeping up with being intimate to keep the connection alive is important.
  •  Staying true to yourself and in alignment with who you are is very key.  As stated many times before. You have to love yourself and be happy with yourself before you can be a good partner.  By saying "to not change" I think this is what they were getting at.  To be the best person you can be as an individual.. which carries over to their relationship.  At first, I was a little thrown off by that.  I am a big believer in change and growth.  But when in a relationship those changes and growth should also benefit the relationship.  Where I have seen it go wrong is when one person becomes selfish and grows an area that only serves them and detracts from the relationship.  An example that comes to mind is working a job that requires 70-80 hours a week and all you have time for is work/sleep.  How can you be in a relationship with that other person?  Sometimes you have to do what you have to do when in tough financial times.  But, most of the time when I hear stories of this it is based out of material greed.  And being unhappy/having problems in the relationship.  So a guy would rather avoid the problems/his wife and just keep working.  Instead of facing the reality, communicating and working through things together.
  • I like her giant smile and the way her face lights up when she looks at him. I also love that she mouths what he is saying at about the 50 second mark as he is talking about the cab.  It shows how much that moment meant to them.

Will go through more videos later on..