I just completed a website project and would like to share my experience.

The goal was to convert a PDF into a flash flip book with page flipping animation with a WordPress website.

Scouring the web I discovered numerous flipping book software packages in the range of $300-$2000.  I did some testing with two or three of them before I found the solution I was looking for.

I settled on a PDF flip book software called Flip Builder.

Originally I saw their website design and quickly dismissed them as being a legitimate company.  Not that I found anything particularly wrong with them, but the site just looked very generic and has a address listed in Hong Kong.

What brought me back to them was digging into the source code of a flip book I found online and seeing it was made with Flip Builder.

Another criteria that  Flip Builder met was working on a Mac computer.  Which it does along with Windows.

The license I ended up buying was the Flip Pro Professional for $299 (comes with a 30 day money back guarantee).

There is an entire laundry list of features and capabilities that I encourage you to checkout if you're in the market for an animated flip book.

I followed their instructions on how to make a flip book using WordPress.  And came away completely impressed!  Within about 2-3 hours I had a working project online.

It was a pretty straight forward process.  You create the flipping book in their software.  Then, you save and export the file as a plugin.

In the WordPress admin section you add the file you saved as a plugin.  Which then shows up in the left menu.  Along with giving you a short code.  The short code is what you will paste on any page you would like the flip book to display on.

Click on the image below to view the live version of what I created (once on the page click on the catalog to view in full screen):

PDF to Flipping Book animation for WordPress


I feel like this software can create an amazing online catalog to share with potential and existing clients.

If you would rather have me create a flip book for your WordPress site.  And save yourself the 5 hours or so of time, and $299 in cost please contact me.

I'm currently offering to create animated flip books for WordPress for a cost of $2 per page.