Even though I have never met Mike in person.  I've been receiving value from him through a mastermind group for quite a few years.  Not only in wisdom, but observing the actions he took in service to others.

Dov Gordon gave him the gift to give one last time. Through organizing The Last Webinar.  What an amazing idea!


  • Wisdom is timeless.  We take in information, but often times do not act on it. And then, we forget about it.  Listening to the webinar will be a good reminder of maybe some things I have already heard. But, putting them in a different and more personal context that hopefully causes me to take action.  Taking action and succeeding and growing is the best way for repaying Mike.
  • We build a business to build a life.  Over time we forget the building a life part.  The business consumes us.  The answer is to build a ritual of stepping back and getting off the treadmill of constant work.  And making sure you're doing the right things from a higher perspective.  Reminds me of the saying that you can't see the picture when you're in the frame.  Make sure to take the time to do this.  Mike likes the time period of seven days.
    • Remember
    • Reflect
    • Make a change (even a tiny one)

Reflect and take seven days outside of your business (garden, walk, golf, hike..) to think and make notes about the following questions:

  1. What's my why, and am I living it? Applies to more aspects of life than just business.  Living your why makes you happy.  Most people say their why is their family... I have to work too much, miss family things etc... and I am doing this all for you.  It is a slippery slope of a trap. Your family is more interested in the time (and connection I would add) that you spend with them than the money you give them.  No child wants their parent to go to work and leave them alone. They want to play with you.  Others usually get into business to escape a job that they no longer like. Mike got fed up with working with idiots.  And those idiots getting promoted because they know how to butter up the senior idiots!  (I can strongly relate to this Mike).  And it's the same the higher up you go.  That was a lousy why... to run away from something.  But, go deeper.  His why was to really help the small business owners with online marketing and not be a shark out for their money.  When you get your why right you're really giving of yourself and serving that community. Work becomes purposeful and you love doing it, because you're doing it for you why. if you're not doing it out of your why you might as well stay being an employee.  At least you can call in sick if you wanted to.  I really like that Dov chimed in here with "when you have conversations with good people, things become clear".  The change that you want must be clearer than the path you are currently on.  We make excuses to stick with doing the things we know how to do because the change we want to make is not clear and we don't know how.  Or, it requires us to do something we're not so comfortable with.
  2. What does success look like? Starts to bring the money part into the picture.  Most people think of money when trying to answer this.  If that's the case you have forgotten your why.  But a business should have some number goals to to know what you need to support yourself or family financially and achieve your why.  If it cannot sustain itself then it's not a business but a hobby.  Which is fine if that is what you want.  Most people either focus on the money too much, or they give away too much of themselves.  But both can waste your life energy.  Build your business around the value you bring to others, and be well paid for it.  Take the middle of the road. Focus on the people you want to help.  Rather than trying to serve everyone to make the most amount of money.  Make sure your vision of success is your own personal vision and is not being shaped by someone else or societal expectations. Ask is this what you really want.  Meditate and reflect on this.  Most people do things out of fear.  One of the most valuable things someone can do is walk out on something they shouldn't be doing in the face of fear. And they will find what they should be doing.  Be brutally honest with yourself on what you actually want. Don't let fear stop you. If you aren't getting the results you want... don't take it personal.  It's the process you're using.  It's not personal.
  3. Am I enjoying the journey?  Putting too much emphasis on the end result is risky.  You should have goals, but you should make sure you're enjoying the process.  If your goal causes you not to enjoy the process and live an unbalanced life.  Then you  need to change that goal.  Say the goal is to make $100k a year.  If that doesn't allow you any time to spend with your family maybe you should lower it to $60k a year and spend 2-3 days a week with family.  You have to know where you want to end up, and you want to know what the next baby step is to take.  How do you want to be as a person as you go through this journey.  Sticking to your why allows you to keep enjoying the journey.
  4. Am I hanging out with the right people?  Some friends and family are going to be toxic your own business.  Even though they may mean well.  Or, they may even be jealous.  Surround yourself with the right people to share the journey.  People can pull you into the mud with them if they aren't happy.  Share your vision with the right people.  Two types of people.  Stick with the friends you have before the business became successful.  Generally those after may not be true friends.  And surround with like minded entrepreneurs that are on similar journeys.  Don't surround yourself with people who boost your ego.  Put yourself into groups that challenge and stretch you.  You become the average of the group of people you hang around with. In business and life. Little people talk about other people.  Big people talk about ideas and how to make things happen.  Get away from toxic people.  The right people will help build you in a positive way.
  5. What would happen to my loved ones if I was no longer around?  Buy life insurance if you have people depending on you. Dave Ramsey is a good source for setting yourself up for this process.  Build a business that can run without you.  In cases where you're injured and can't work.  Look into automation.  Mike uses IM strategies like member instruction videos that he doesn't have to constantly work on them.  The membership fees will still come in.  Can loved ones take over everything?  Do they have access to needed items such as computers?

Schedule your Seddon Day now to take time off from daily life and get this process going.

One of the greatest lessons I have pulled from this is highlighting the fact of living the best possible life you can right NOW instead of the thinking you can find a cure later.  I read the responses to Mike through our group emails.  And many of them told Mike to fight and listed alternative therapies and websites of people who have healed from cancer. Proving doctors wrong.

While I do not disagree and am a big believer in alternative medicine.  He chose to follow the path that felt right to him and his situation.

We often live with the thought.. oh this guy beat cancer by using xyz treatment.  If it ever happens to me I can beat it by doing the same.  I will just keep on living my life the way I want and if it happens I can fix it.

Sometimes... and I would say more times than what is highlighted by the media.  You just can't fix cancer.  As much as we all like to believe in the fairy tale (while they sell us their products...) that against all odds we can beat anything.

Not to say you shouldn't fight or try everything in your power with the right mental and spiritual framework.  If that is what you think the correct decision is for you.

But sometimes.. the cards just don't lay in your favor.  And it's nothing you did wrong.  As they say in racing.. you can't win them all.

So where does this leave someone?

You certainly don't want to feel shame when you're dying.  That you didn't try the right things, or try hard enough to succeed like the websites/books/etc that beat cancer and causing distraction.

For the person not yet in this position I would say you need to put some serious effort into listening to what Mike had to say and follow his advice.  Pull your head out of the sand and get honest with yourself.

Mike stated he is calm and peaceful about what lies ahead.  And wants to impart some more gifts before he leaves.  He is so relaxed because he has been taking 7 days regularly throughout the years to build a life.  And this has given him the peace ahead.  He is able to end his life happy.

One regret Mike admits to is wishing that he was willing to allow himself permission to be himself earlier in life.  He did that around the time he started his business 15 years ago.

Give yourself permission to be yourself - Mike Seddon

This seems to be exactly what Mike is doing in the face of the unknown with a courageous spirit.  A hero.

Thank you Mike.