An eclectic system to doing the work you were meant for.

Your present:

  • What are your gifts?
  • What do you need to survive?
  • Where are you in societies social structure, and location in the world?
  • What is your personality, nature, characteristics?
  • What is your current knowledge, skills, abilities and capacities?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your deepest wants and desires?
  • Your inner fears and character defects?
  • What are you missing in your life?

After doing some inner work I discovered my personality type; INFP.  Here is what that tells me about myself:

As an INFP, career satisfaction means doing work that:

  1. Is in harmony with my own personal values and beliefs and allows me to express my vision through my work
  2. Gives me time to develop substantial depth to my ideas and maintain control over the process and product
  3. Is done autonomously, with private work space and plenty of uninterrupted time, but with periodic opportunities to bounce my ideas off people I feel respect me
  4. Is done within a flexible structure, with a minimum of rules or regulations, letting me work on projects when I feel inspired
  5. Is done with other creative and caring individuals in a cooperative environment free from tension and interpersonal strife
  6. Lets me express my originality and in which personal growth is encouraged and rewarded
  7. Does not require me to present my work frequently in front of groups of people or be called upon to share before it is completed to my satisfaction
  8. Allows me to help others grow and develop and realize their full potential
  9. Involves understanding people and discovering what makes them tick; allows me to develop deep one-to-one relationships with others
  10. Allows me to work toward fulfilling my ideals and not be limited by political, financial, or other obstacles

Work related Strengths:

  • Thoughtfulness and ability to focus on one issue or idea in depth
  • Eagerness to think outside the box and consider new possibilities
  • Deep commitment to work I believe in
  • Ability to work well alone if necessary
  • Natural curiosity and skill for getting the info I need
  • Ability to see the big picture and to see implications of actions and ideas
  • Perceptiveness about people’s need’s and motivations
  • Adaptability; i can shift gears and change directions easy
  • Ability to work extremely well with people one-on-one

Work related weaknesses:

  • Need to control projects or i may lose interest
  • Tendency toward disorganization and difficulty setting priorities
  • Difficulty working on projects that conflict with my values
  • Reluctance to follow traditional ways of doing things
  • Natural idealism, which may prevent me from having realistic expectations
  • Dislike of doing things in traditional or routine ways
  • Difficulty working in competitive or tension filled environments
  • Lack of discipline about attending to and following through important details
  • Impatients working with structures or people who are too rigid
  • Tendency to be unrealistic about how long things take
  • Reluctance to discipline direct reports and criticize others

The secrets to success for me – develop realistic expectations, value compromise, and not take things quite so personal.

Popular careers for INFPs

  • artist
  • writer
  • journalist
  • entertainer
  • architect
  • actor
  • editior
  • musician
  • graphic designer
  • editor of magazine
  • editor of website
  • composer
  • film director
  • set designer
  • interior designer
  • desktop publisher – high grow area
  • College professor
  • Researcher
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Counselor – high grow area
  • Social worker
  • Librarian
  • Special ed teacher
  • Consultant – High growth area
  • Child welfare counselor
  • Legal mediator
  • planned-giving officer
  • Philanthropic consultant
  • Career coach
  • Curator
  • Public health educator
  • Minister
  • Religious Educator  – High Growth area
  • Missionary
  • Church worker
  • Pastoral Counselor
  • Nutritionist
  • Physical therapist – High growth area
  • Home health social worker
  • Occupational therapist – high growth
  • Massage therapist
  • Holistic health practitioner – high growth
  • Human resources deveopment trainer – high growth
  • employee development specialist – high growth
  • Social scientist
  • Diversity manager – human resources – high growth
  • Consultant – team building / conflict resolution
  • Corporate trainer – high growth
  • Customer relations manager
  • Coach – high growth
  • Project Manager
  • Human resources recruiter
  • Educational software developer

Evaluating current work:

  • What would your life look like if you stay on your current career path?  Physically, mentally, and emotionally? Would you be dissatisfied, stressed, etc.? (for me as an electrician with this type of personally it causes me to act outside of my natural behavior.  Causing stress, discomfort, and is unappealing)
  • Keep in mind your own world view and approach reality with as little bias as possible

Thinking of potential ideas:

  • What are you drawn to that you feel in a world of your own?
  • What puts you into a state of flow?
  • What excites you and would make you look forward to waking up?
  • Would you be proud of this work?
  • Can you be excellent at it?
  • Is it aligned with spiritual principles?
  • What do you want? What do you want to see in the world?

Values of the Work (here are mine):

  • Something that is meaningful and positive to myself and all humanity. It changes people for the better
  • Human connection on a one on one basis, but still allows deep individual work
  • Brings me joy and strengthens my higher sense of self
  • Allows me to feel like I am working with a spiritual connection
  • Something I can put my whole heart and being into
  • Not attached to the rewards
  • Has a long term focus and not shortsighted. Can enjoy the journey and not solely focused on an end goal
  • Strives to be the best in the world - Innovative
  • Allows me to express myself and be differientiated through art – passionate, original, creative, and personal that challenges the status quo and changes the recipient
  • Continually challenges me and allows for growth
  • Alignes with my personality and passions
  • Provides a good amount of stability
  • Demands a high skill level and experience
  • Allows the ability to over deliver
  • Able to be fully present when performing
  • Flexible structure

Evaluating the Work:

  • Does the world really need it?
  • Are you able to make a decent living at some point?
  • Will you have co-workers, and if so can you form true friendships with them?  What is the culture like?
  • Would you do it even if you weren't getting paid?
  • What do you bring to the job of value?
  • How many hours will you need to work and will it allow a balanced lifestyle?
  • Does it allow you to enter a state of flow?
  • Does the work allow for vacation time?
  • Is the labor non-commoditized? Or, are you just another easily replaceable cog?

Next steps to take:

  • What work is currently in front of you?
  • What are the next baby steps you can make to start making changes?
  • How can you test different paths to see how they make you feel with minimal initial investment?
  • How can you be happy in the present until the correct path presents itself at the right time?
  • Be fearless, but not reckless.  Feel the fear, acknowledge it and do it anyway
  • Know that if you surrender and pursue what you feel is right with love. The Universe will support you and course correct along the way and more will be revealed
  • When resistance tells you not to do something, listen, read, attend, etc.  GO! Just do it.  Any route you take that doesn’t lead to success is the result of resistance
  • Refuse to do any sort of busywork like check email, and twitter. Don’t distract yourself with anything but your work
  • It’s that race to completion after an idea is born that makes all the difference
  • Build a habit of writing things down, prioritizing the ideas, building them, and shipping it. Start now, today, and ship.
  • If it doesn’t work and you are not changing anyone keep giving gifts.  Make more art and keep learning from it.  The only other option is becoming a cog again.